Rescue 1 Paramedic Services provides the highest level of care to our patients and healthcare facilities. Below is a brief description:

  • Basic Life Support Ambulances (BLS) 

Provides non-emergent and emergent transportation services to persons who are stretcher bound or who require emergency intervention. BLS ambulances are staffed with two (2) Emergency Medical Technicians who are licensed by the State of Illinois as Emergency Medical Technicians and are able to provide: Airway Management, BVM Ventilation, Oxygen Therapy, CPR, Splinting, Spinal Immobilization, Control of Bleeding, Maintenance of Plain IV Fluids, and rapid transport. BLS units provide Event Medical Stand By services, transportation to and from doctor appointments, renal dialysis and return transport from hospital stays. 

  • Paramedic Ambulances (ALS) 

Staffed with a Paramedic licensed by the State of Illinois and an Emergency Medical Technician, ALS ambulances are able to provide: Advanced Airway Management including Endotracheal Intubation and Mechanical Ventilator, Oxygen Therapy, CPR, IV Therapy, Medication Therapy, EKG monitoring and intervention including, Pacing, Synchronized Cardioversion and Defibrillation. ALS ambulances provide emergent and non-emergent transportation services to persons who may require immediate emergency intervention or advanced life support monitoring during transport from one facility to another. 


  • Secure Car Transport

Rescue 1 Paramedic Services offers secure car transport from residence or facilities to Behavioral Health Centers throughout Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky. Our Secure Car Transport division is an additional service that Rescue 1 provides in addition to a traditional ambulance provider. Our secure cars are all staffed by Paramedics, EMT’s, First Responders, and Law Enforcement professionals. All of our vehicles are equipped with video cameras that capture audio from inside the vehicle and 2 cameras capturing the cabin of the vehicle to provide safety and protection to our passengers and drivers. All vehicles also have a partition separating the driver from the rear of the vehicle and passengers are unable to exit the vehicle unless the doors are opened on the outside. Secure Cars are a much safer and economical transportation for behavioral health patients. Rescue 1 has secure cars posted in Edgar, Cumberland, Effingham, Piatt, Champaign Counties for faster response times across the state. For more information: 217-269-3911 or email:

  • Medical Car/ ADA Transport

To better serve our customers, Rescue 1 also offers medical car and wheel chair bus transport for non-emergency transport to and from medical facilities. Both our Medical Cars and Paratransit Vans are equipped with oxygen and wheel chairs upon request. We offer true door to door service and wait with every patient at all medical appointments so the patient is not waiting hours for the trip home.
Our ADA Paratransit Van have the capability of transporting 5 ambulatory passengers and 2 ADA passengers at one time. All of Rescue 1’s vehicles are satellite tracked and radio dispatched with GPS to provide our customers with real time eta’s and locations of our vehicles.

“Where every patient is treated as family.”

To schedule a transport, please call: +1.2172693911. 

Call Us:  +1.2172693911

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